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time:2012-09-28 13:43 name:挖能翻译

Our company’s Chinese name WaNeng means “to unearth potential”. Our aim is to unearth potential, then to help it to grow and blossom.
From the very beginning, our intention in building WN, has been to create a company that has a strong sense of responsibility, not only to all of its clients, but also to its staff, and to the wider society.
Whilst we believe whole-heartedly in the value of the word, we know that as a company, it is through our actions that we can live up to our ideals.
Our Clients
In our translation and interpretation work, our first and foremost responsibility to our clients is to take their words and convey them accurately, meaningfully and fluently, conveying not only the words but also the spirit of the original.

Our Staff
Providing an Opportunity for People with Potential, and a Platform from which to Grow
WN has an international outlook, clientele and staff. Whilst our team is spread across the globe, our heart remains in China, which is where our headquarters and core staff are based. We know that there are people with serious potential out there in China who are looking for just the right opportunity to develop their talents, cultivate their all-round abilities, and make them into some of the world’s finest translators, interpreters and language experts. We provide this opportunity, and the intensive training needed to get them there.

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